Sustainable and Competitive Industries


Welcome to the article of Sustainable and Competitive Industries, what is that of sustainability? Well the concept of sustainability varies according to different meanings, which has been realized with respect to the initial and current conception of the world if we look at the initial conception of the world we have to go back to the why of the Greeks. We have to go back to a world to explore, a world to know where nature dominated the economic system, and there was a way to work that we know and appreciate today that is the craft. The current conception of the world is a little different, here the economic system dominates nature, we no longer call it nature, we call it natural resources, why? Because it is a conception in which part of the constructed world. The constructed world begins with the philosophers Bacon, Descartes and Newton, there then we begin to use different terms like measure, precision, how to act, how to evaluate all mathematical turning concept and all mathematics in an expression this current conception of the world us Allows to visualize to the nature like part of the economic system, then we only see as supplier of resources but not of environmental services, there are some concepturizaciones like the one of Elkington in which integrates the economic, the environmental and the social thing there to Through a venn diagram you integrate these three elements to create what is known as sustainable development.


The United Nations also concerned with this issue created a concept, created a definition, development that meets current needs without affecting the needs of future generations. So this involves a conception with economic rationality in comparison to a conception with eco-efficient rationality; In economic rationality we speak only of the present value and not of the future value in the conception with economic rationality we speak of the resource and not of the nature that is to say, today we give an invitation to pass from the egocentrismo to the centrism eco, we do not doubt of the multiple benefits Of economic development, such as the aerospace career, such as medical advances, such as agro-industrial production and so on. However, lifestyle has been clearly affected by this type of development today we think we are worth for what we have, and not for what we are today we think that enjoying a natural environment is a waste of time when it is an environmental service Which we can enjoy for free.

The role of companies has been based, mainly, on an economic rationality that seeks to reach the satisfaction of the investors. However, social situations such as poverty, malnutrition, low schooling and unemployment have generated a concern in society about their future sustainability.

Corporate responsibility was developed in response to society’s expectations regarding a broader role than the economic rationality of organizations. Through Corporate Social Responsibility we sought to return to society part of what was taken from it to develop industrial operations. Corporate responsibility has been primarily focused on education, philanthropy and worker protection activities.However, there have been approaches to how responsibility can strengthen organizational competitiveness. Here we find services that serve the needs of the base of the pyramid, generating economic benefits to attend new markets of massive character and social benefits to offer alternatives of consumption for people who lacked them.

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