What is Forex – Forex Beginners I

Although you have to be glued to the monitor all day, intraday transactions has its addicts. And the hook is connected to the instant gratification, instant clarity and quick profits. Its popularity can also be due to the strong promotion that gives the industry that has its fortunes tied to the volume of operations.

One has to remember that the economies of this adventure are not inclined in favor of the operator in intraday. The more consecutively operate the trader their ideas, the most money to be in brokerage commissions and expenses. Although the severity of this aspect has decreased in the last decade. Operate very frequently can erode your account similar to a losing streak unless the trader is able to locate and then capitalize on the graphs formations frequently they develop in intraday.

This perspective can strengthen impatience normally associated with operating in intraday and allow the trader looking to start each session with less tilt and more conviction. Always operating costs, starting with monetary expenditures and expanding opportunities loss and mental energy.

When you go into an operation, it should be one that is in line with the predetermined criterion of the trader and, more importantly, it is the size and volatility that easily this within the risk parameters defined by the trader. A great idea of trading can be easily forgotten if the path to completion is too stoned, which emphasizes the importance of patience. Maintaining a high level of mental patience surely keep the trader in the game longer and able to continue earning the fluid never acabable markets represent opportunities.

Operating in intraday has many graphic techniques too many to cover in one article. Therefore, we will concentrate on three: trend lines, Bollinger bands and elastic gap.


The technique for applying the trend lines for any time window comes from many years ago and is widely used to illustrate the current market trend and to provide keys when the trend may change. Trend line is simple but effective way that traders use to capitalize on many intraday movements in most markets.

The technique of trend line not always’ll put traders at the absolute bottom of the market and out in the absolute ceiling, but helps the trader to capture most of the trend.
Figure 1 shows the pound / dollar trend lines

The basic concept is that a trend in motion will remain in motion as it is able to maintain its trend line defined. When a line is broken with conviction, it is an indication that the trend may change. With regard to the construction of the line, it takes two points to build a line and a third point to confirm its validity.

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