Corporate social responsibility

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Corporate Social Responsibility, to define this concept first of all we should define what the term competitiveness means, according to that definition changes corporate social responsibility perspective. Being competitive means being better, being better for what or being better for whom; Being better for investors was the first definition of corporate social responsibility generating profits and economic ... Read More »

Sustainable and Competitive Industries

SUSTAINABLE AND COMPETITIVE INDUSTRIES Welcome to the article of Sustainable and Competitive Industries, what is that of sustainability? Well the concept of sustainability varies according to different meanings, which has been realized with respect to the initial and current conception of the world if we look at the initial conception of the world we have to go back to the ... Read More »

Financial assets: currencies and derivatives

FINANCIAL ASSETS: CURRENCIES AND DERIVATIVES. Talking about financial assets and we are going to focus on currencies and derivatives are also two very common options when investing in this type of assets currencies are the means of payment of legal tender in different countries and markets International financial markets are the most traded as the US dollar is the euro ... Read More »

Financial assets: stocks, indices and bonds

FINANCIAL ASSETS: STOCK, INDICES AND BONDS In this session we will look at the financial assets that is what they are and we will focus on three of them as are stocks indexes and bonds financial assets are those products that we are going to buy or sell if we are going to devote to The investment in financial assets ... Read More »

The fundamental analysis

THE FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS In which we are going to see briefly what is that of the fundamental analysis in the first place we have seen that the objective of the analysis of the investments is to be able to profit the capital and to make money of consistent form and with a limited risk well as this is a is ... Read More »

What is Forex – Forex Beginners III

THE E-MINI The S & P 500 e-mini generally provides the necessary activity before the opening for operating with the spring gap. This instrument 24 hours often extends a trend set between 8:30 and 9:20 am, ET (Eastern Time), one that usually sets the tone for the rest of the morning, setting a potential rollback to violent opening. Recognizing the ... Read More »

What is Forex – Forex Beginners II

SIGNS PURCHASE AND SALE Figure 1 clearly shows when buying and selling signals occur. A sell signal is triggered when the market generates a bar close below the trend line. More aggressive traders seek to sell just cross the line prices instead of waiting to close below the line. However, one should always keep in mind that it is good ... Read More »

What is Forex – Forex Beginners I

Although you have to be glued to the monitor all day, intraday transactions has its addicts. And the hook is connected to the instant gratification, instant clarity and quick profits. Its popularity can also be due to the strong promotion that gives the industry that has its fortunes tied to the volume of operations. One has to remember that the ... Read More »

What is traded in Forex?

All intemperance force. In whatever way? Fully, Forex patronizing involves get and broadside of specie, replace roughly, ie dogmatic. Currencies are traded flick flip a agent or broker and are traded in pairs, for victim Euro and US dollar (EUR / USD).Totally bring off scream purchase or drag anything corporeal consequently you origin perplex a curt. Take of gainexchange as ... Read More »

something more about forex

What is Forex? WHAT I’M Enactment Straight away operated FOREX? Forex is an contraction repeatedly second-hand for “foreign interchange ” or “Accommodations alternation” and is perpetually hand-me-down to note the scorn in the forex quid pro quo by investors and speculators. For chest, assume trust to a meeting in which it is counterfeit become absent-minded the narrative of the US ... Read More »